Taking a Break During Summer

Summer Hustle and Bustle

Every year when March rolls around you can feel the energy change amongst the moms of school age children. We all tense up a little bit and start discussing what our summer plans are for our kids. What camps have we signed up for, what vacations have we booked, whether or not we signed up for summer reading? The prevailing thought is; how are we going to keep our children engaged and active for the next three months without school?!? The following two months fly by, and if the end of May hits and you have nothing planned but lazy days of well, nothingness, you feel like a failure.

This spring the thought occurred to me that perhaps I should ask my kids what they want to do this summer. So I did. And do you know what they said? Nothing much, just take it easy. Huh? “Really?” I asked. And my oldest daughter told me “Yeah mom. I feel like all school year long we are so busy. I just want a break.”

Lightening the Load

So there you have it. I canceled a few camps and extended our beach trip by a week (yikes, that’s another blog post in itself). We’ve spent lazy mornings in our PJs watching movies before heading to the pool to float around in the water. The kids have had about eight lemonade stands, started a dog walking business that lasted all of 2 hours and just roamed the neighborhood until the sun goes down. Our summer reading logs have been spotty at best, and we have yet to open a pack of flash cards. And you know what, no one has yet to utter those three words every mom doesn’t want to hear in the summer, “I am bored.”

They needed this break from all of the school year activity as much as I did. I think we forget how much we can pack into a week. Particularly as our kids get older and become interested in more sports and extracurricular activities. Busy-ness is the essence of fall, winter, and spring. Can’t we have one season that is all about doing nothing? My kids and I have decided that the answer is yes.


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