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Mommy’s Bliss Night Time Gripe WaterMommy’s Bliss® Night Time Gripe Water is a safe and effective all-natural herbal supplement used to ease stomach discomfort often associated with gas, colic, hiccups and teething in infants. Mommy’s Bliss® Night Time Gripe Water is 100% vegetarian and vegan, containing natural ingredients such as chamomile, lemon balm & passion flower to promote a restful sleep while the proven ingredients of the original formula gripe water soothes and relieves baby’s gas and stomach discomfort. This gentle liquid formula is the #1 selling supplement for infant gas & colic relief for a handful of reasons: it is safe and natural, it is a fast-acting formula, and it needs no refrigeration after opening. Mommy’s Bliss® Night Time Gripe Water does not contain any of the following: gluten, starch, dairy, wheat, yeast, dill, alcohol, parabens, artificial colors, artificial flavors, sucrose (table sugar), or petroleum-based by-products.

Here are a few tips to help baby get a restful night sleep:

  • Ensure that baby naps enough during the day to avoid exhaustion at night.
  • Keep baby calm and avoid loud animated interactions before bedtime.
  • Warm bath to calm baby and relieve digestive discomfort.
  • If baby suffers from gas or colic, Mommy’s Bliss® Night Time Gripe Water is a natural way to aid in relief and promote sleep.
  • Develop a consistent bedtime routine.