Pai Technology Toys for STE(A)M Based Play

Pai Technology designs toys to enhance children’s education and development through fun, imaginative STEAM-based play.

Cube-Tastic! 3×3 Puzzle Cube with Free IOS/Android App. Brain Teaser Toy for Kids


With the help of the Cube-tastic! app and your mobile phone or tablet, anyone can learn to conquer the cube. An identical virtual copy is created in the app, and then users learn to solve this puzzle with a customized, step-by-step tutorial. An engaging learning experience to try over and over again. It’s not just fun, it’s Cube-tastic! Ages 5+, $19.99.


Ocean Pets – Create Your Own Virtual Aquarium Combining Mess-Free Putty and Magical Augmented Reality. Free iOS and Android App!


Ocean Pets pairs augmented reality with creativity to turn every space into your own virtual aquarium! Use the special putty and ocean templates to create your own ocean pets. Then Use scan your Ocean Pet creations, and see them come to life! Care for your Ocean Pets and learn facts about the ocean and its inhabitants. $29.99.


Pai Storybook 3D Fairy Tales for Children’s Book, TJ & the Beanstalk, Hardcover

TJ&the Beanstalk

TJ & the Beanstalk brings fairytales to life with Augmented Reality. TJ and the Beanstalk puts a new twist on the classic children’s tale. Children can interact with the story and become a part of TJ’s exciting adventure. Reading truly comes to life with 3D storybooks! $14.99.

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