Mifold Compact Booster Seat

We all know that car seat safety is important and booster seats play a major role in keeping our big kids safe. Some parents on the go find that traditional booster seats are can be bulky, especially when transferring from car to car. CarFoldio has just introduced Mifold a portable and compact booster perfect for carpooling.

Traditionally booster seats lift the child to bring the child to an adult level. Mifold bring the seatbelt down to a child’s level instead of boosting them up. Mifold adjust the seatbelt to fit the child. Two red lap belt guides hold the seatbelt securely around the child’s hip. A third belt guide goes on the shoulder strap and aligns the seat belt with the child’s shoulder.

Features/Benefits Small it can fit in your glove box or backpack
o For use of children age 4 to 12
o Fits three-in-a-row even in the smallest cars
o Compactly folds up to 10in x 5in
o Older kids won’t feel babyish

Price: $80.00
You can purchase your Mifold at www.mifold.com.

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