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Gautier, MS
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We’re just two moms (of NINE kids) who happen to be former teachers. We joined Young Living because we were looking for something better for our kids. We stayed because we found it. And we created the Oily Educators because teaching really is our calling. As far as what that means for you?

Getting your Premium Starter Kit is exciting. But maybe a little (a lot) overwhelming, too. I mean you’re thinking about spending $160 on essential oils. And there are 11 of them plus a diffuser. But what in the heck are you supposed to do with them? And how are you supposed to remember all their uses? Awesome news: Check out our name at the top of this page. We’re the Oily Educators–and teaching is sort of our jam.

“In the rain and in the dark, on a train, and in a tree–teaching is our thing, you see?”

We’ll try to keep the Suess-like rhyming to a minimum, but once a teacher, always a teacher, so…we make no promises. But what we do promise is that you can ask questions and get answers. We’ll make sure you know how and what and when and why and where to use your oils and use them safely. So when you join YL as an Oily Educator, you get US–experienced teachers and experienced oilers.

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