• gender neutral baby shower ideas yellow mommy mom to bee be

    Mommy to Bee Baby Shower Theme

    For parents who want to keep the gender of their child a surprise until birth we have a gender neutral baby shower option. This bee themed shower idea features cute accessories such as a striped “Bee Hive” lemonade dispenser, a bee themed cake, beautiful yellow and white flowers, honey comb baby

  • Pickles and Ice Cream neutral baby shower theme green white cream baby shower ideas ideas theme gender neutral

    Pickles and Ice Cream Baby Shower Theme

    Pickles and Ice Cream is a new baby shower theme idea that will be featured at the 2017 Birmingham Babypalooza. This is another neutral idea for parents who want to keep the gender of their child unknown until birth. The decorations for this theme include pickle jars, green and cream

  • tutu excited tutu cute baby shower baby girl little girl birthday party baby shower theme themes idea ideas

    Tutu Excited Baby Shower Theme

    The TuTu theme can be for a baby shower theme as in the mom is TuTu Excited. Or it’s great for a little girls birthday party theme because she is TuTu Cute. This theme features lots of pink with tutu’s, tiaras, twinkle lights and other cute accessories. If you’d like to duplicate our

  • she's about to pop ready to pop baby boy baby shower theme idea ideas themes

    She’s Ready to Pop Baby Shower Theme

    The Ready to Pop baby shower theme combines a blue theme with ‘pop’ related decorations and refreshments. The ‘She’s about to Pop’ theme features a beautiful blue cake, popcorn for guests to munch on, blue cake pops, cans of pop, and so much more to play off of the theme.

  • onelink

    Onelink Environment Monitor

    The Onelink by First Alert Environment Monitor serves as a valuable tool for parents. The new monitor utilizes sensing features that detect low-level carbon monoxide (CO), which typical CO alarms cannot detect. It also features built-in temperature and humidity sensors. Why it’s Important: Low-level CO can be dangerous, especially for

  • Munchkin at Babypalooza

    Munchkin coming to Babypalooza

    America’s most beloved baby lifestyle brand, Munchkin, is heading out across the U.S. to celebrate the launch of Grass FedTM infant formula & toddler drink, another branch of Munchkin’s consumables. When it came to baby formula, Munchkin wanted to raise the standard. Because the majority of infant formula, including Munchkin’s,

  • gender_reveal bear

    My Baby’s Heartbeat Gender Reveal Kit

    My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear’s Gender Reveal Kit is a creative new way to make a gender reveal announcement. There’s nothing more awe-inspiring for expecting parents than the sound of their baby’s heartbeat, heard for the first time during an ultrasound appointment.  Now this milestone moment can be preserved forever thanks to  My

  • Motorola MBP 855 Baby Monitor

    The Motorola MBP 855 CONNECT monitor has provided much-needed peace of mind in the first few days home with our newborn. Initially, I was concerned to even leave the room of our sleeping baby, but the monitor helped alleviate those worries since I could easily check on her with the

  • Baby Boxes Available At Babypalooza

    Here’s a tragic statistic that reveals a stark way we’re failing babies across the state. Alabama has an unacceptably high racial disparity for infant well-being. In fact, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health, there is a startling high infant mortality rate for African-American babies at 13.9 per 1,000

  • baby sleep on back

    Creating A Safe Sleeping Environment for your Child

    By Amanda Cargo Parent Education Coordinator, Childcare Resources There is nothing more precious than watching a tiny baby, curled up, fast asleep. But let’s face it – they are the only ones getting enough sleep! As a parent or caregiver, there are several things that you need to know to

  • ParentalLeave

    Paid Parental Leave Infographic

    Source: Early-Childhood-Education-Degrees.com

  • NumNum Kickstarter

    NumNum Beginner Bowl Kickstarter Campaign

    One of our favorite tour exhibitors, NumNum Baby, inventors of the NumNum spoon, currently has a Kickstarter campaign going for their newest invention the NumNum Beginner Bowl.  The campaign runs through March 2, 2016.  Backers pledge support in exchange for rewards – pledges are collected ONLY if the campaign successfully achieves