A Simple (and Smart) Thermometer for Kids

No one likes having a sick child. It’s sad, it’s stressful, and it’s exhausting. But this new tool that tracks your child’s fevers could make cold and flu season a little easier to manage.

TempTraq is a wearable, Bluetooth wireless thermometer (in the form of a soft patch) that monitors your child’s temperature continuously for 24 hours.

Continuous monitoring means no more waking your child in the middle of a night to take their temperature or disturbing them once they’ve finally settled down with a toy or book. If your little one’s fever hits a certain level, you can even have alerts sent to your smartphone (via the free iOS or Android app).

You also get an easy-to-access temperature history, a spot to record notes such as when your child last ate or took medicine, and a simple way to email temperature history to your pediatrician (or grandma).

TempTraq is available now for $24.99 at www.temptraq.com.


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